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Titre Testing Certificate


This is for the Titre Test Certificate only, not the test.

Those booking in multiple dogs need only purchase one certificate. Those that do not require a certificate will receive an email with the test results.

A.P.Vet ltd. are running a vaccination titre clinic!
Is your dog (over-)due a booster vaccination against distemper,
hepatitis and parvovirus? Is your dog a rescue of unknown vaccination
history?Most dogs have lasting protection from vaccines previously given. Dogs
do not currently require further vaccination (except for Leptospirosis)
if titre testing on a blood sample is positive.The World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Vaccination Guideline
Group (VGG) sees titre testing for the above diseases as better practice
than regular vaccinations: “However, the principles of ‘evidence-based
veterinary medicine’ suggest that testing for antibody status should be
better practice than simply administering a vaccine booster on the basis
that this would be ‘safe and cost less’.”This allows us to prevent over-vaccination and the associated risks!
Doing a titre test and proving successful immunity after a primary
vaccination course can give you peace of mind if the dog is over 20
weeks of age.Bring your dog(s) along and be informed regarding your vaccination choices!

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Titre test certificate

Clinic will be held at K9 Raw Supplies, 22B Foxes Bridge Rod, Cinderford. GL14 2PQ.


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