K9 Raw Starter pack (2 weeks supply)


If you and your dog are new to raw feeding then you may want to try our easy starter pack.


9 x 400g K9 Raw Green Tripe – this will be used for the first week (Tripe is very smelly, please don’t be alarmed by this it is normal!) If you are really adverse to using Tripe we can substitute it with boneless lamb mince instead – please add a note to your order if you want this version.

3 x 400g K9 Raw Whole Rabbit Dinner (Complete feed – whole minced rabbit to include meat, bone and organs)

2 x 400g K9 Raw Minced Beef & Offal (Complimentary feed – boneless mince with muscle meat, heart, liver and kidneys)

Total weight 5.6kg

Feeding plan for the first 2 weeks based on a dog weighing (or a puppy expected to weigh) 16kg requiring 400g per day. Your dog will need to be fed approximately 2-3% of their body weight, or expected body weight if a puppy. This is just a guide though and sometimes they need more/less:

Week one: Feed Raw green tripe daily split over 2 meals per day. Green tripe will get the gut used to eating raw and the stomach acid PH will increase ready to digest bone.

Week 2: Rotate the minces during this week with Rabbit on day 1; Tripe on day 2; Beef & Offal on day 3; Rabbit on day 4 and so on.

If your dog needs more than 400g per day you can either buy additional packs of the above minces or 2 x starter packs.

For  more detailed information about raw feeding you can visit our sister site www.rawfeddogs.org

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Starter Pack min weight 5.6kg




Weight 5.6 kg


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