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Developed by Dr Robert Nsh of Glycohealth IminoHoney is unique in containing an iminosugar we found in a Mediterranean plant (Myrtus communis). The well known Manuka honey contains no iminosugars. We select the honey and measure the single iminosugar to quality control our end product. It is a 100% natural honey. We offer IminoHoney in single portion 5ml sachets (in boxes of 10) as a food/nutritional supplement which may help to maintain quality of life and condition in ageing. Iminohoney safely strengthens the immune response where it is weak (eg older animals) or not responding effectively (to parasites, other infections and tumours) There are also good responses when used in recovery from surgery. It can be added to food once every 3 days but you can also try once a week. We do not recommend it for use by diabetics.

What are Iminosugars?

The science of DrNashGlycoHealth is supported by our R&D company PhytoQuest Ltd with over 18 years of pharmaceutical discovery and development and over 200 refereed publications and patents. PhytoQuest are world leaders in the discovery of iminosugars and based on our research we believe them to be the elusive active components of many if not most herbal products. Iminosugars are natural, stable small carbohydrate analogues with the ring Oxygen replaced by Nitrogen. They are rarely noticed by other groups because they are difficult to detect and their effects on sugar biochemistry can be very subtle. They are reported to have a wide range of biological effects related to their ability to act as mimics of sugars.

Sugars or carbohydrates are vital to health in many ways and faults in sugar biochemistry occur in most diseases and in ageing. Iminosugars have the remarkable ability to correct many of these errors and restore a youthful balance.


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