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Canine Bowen Therapy

I qualified as a Bowen Technique practitioner & Canine Bowen Therapy practitioner in 2014 & 2015 respectively & I offer sessions in the dog’s own home or in the treatment room at K9 Raw Supplies.

Canine Bowen Therapy is a gentle but effective complementary physical therapy to provide relief from pain & discomfort. It involves rolling moves made with fingers & thumbs over connective tissue in specific areas & muscle structures of the body. Each session is interspersed with breaks to allow the brain to interpret the moves & make the necessary adjustments in order to bring balance back to the body. It is much like setting the system back to default, where possible. Clients report an increase in range of movement, reduced tension & stiffness, increased relaxation & a general boost to their dog’s wellbeing. A wide range of issues are reported to respond favourably as the sessions tap into the body’s ability to heal itself.

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