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My Name is Catherine Nicoll and I am a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist.  I run my business, Dogs Body Canine Massage Therapy, from my Clinic in Hartpury, Gloucestershire and I also work at a Vet Practice in Marlborough once a month treating dogs that the Vet has referred on to me.

I did a 2 year course, Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma – Level 3 through the Canine Massage Therapy Centre and finished this course in January 2012.  The course covered extensive Anatomy and Physiology as well as massage and the course is now called The Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme. I have been a tutor on this course for around 5 years, helping the students to become Clinical Canine Massage Therapists.

Muscular injuries aren’t always obvious but if your dog doesn’t seem right and displays issues with their gait (the way they move), posture changes, changes in their activities of daily living (e.g. slowing down on walks, struggling to do things they were once able to do), their behaviour changes, or their performance changes (if they are a sporting dog) then it could be they need a massage!

My clinic is set up in my garage at my home and is warm and welcoming and not at all like being at a Vet surgery (as some dogs do stress about being at the vets).  I do a full gait analysis, posture analysis, full consultation, palpation – this is where I check your dog’s superficial muscles for texture changes, tone of the muscle, temperature (checking for inflammation heat or cold areas) and tenderness (whilst I can’t feel tenderness, your dog’s reaction can tell me a lot!).  This is known as the 4Ts.  After this I will do a full body massage incorporating the 4 massage disciplines outlined below.  After the treatment I will give you full feedback on what I have felt.  Initially if you dog has an issue I will do between 1-3 treatments (one treatment a week for 3 weeks) and you should see results.  However, in the unlikely event that there are no improvements, I would cease further treatments and refer you back to your vet for further investigation.

I am a member of The Canine Massage Guild and Guild Therapists train for 2 years which is externally accredited by Lantra.  I utilise 4 massage disciplines – Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release.  Most significantly I am trained in the unique Lenton Method™ of canine massage therapy, currently the subject of clinical trials with both Winchester University and University Centre Sparsholt. These therapies have helped thousands of dogs across the world experience positive changes within just 1-3 sessions.

Upon veterinary consent or referral, dogs are taken for clinical canine massage for many reasons including

  • Pain management for arthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia, spondylosis, luxating patella
  • Rehabilitation of muscular injuries such as lameness, stiffness or struggling with normal activities of daily living
  • Performance, gait, and posture issues in sporting and showing dogs
  • Addressing and resolving symptoms listed in the5 Principles of Pain (see diagram below)

However, your dog doesn’t have to be injured to benefit from clinical canine massage with a Canine Massage Guild therapist. For example, it can help to

  • Maintain and improve quality of life and mobility in older dogs
  • Improve exercise duration and frequency so your dog can enjoy longer walks
  • Improve and maintain mobility and activity levels
  • Keep sporting dogs – agility, flyball, hoopers, canicross and so on – at the top of their game…
  • … and even help dogs with anxiety, nervous behaviour and/or depression.


The cost of a treatment is £40.  Full details of the benefits of massage, what to expect at the treatment and much more is all on my website, or you can email me, or you can ring me on 07967099603 to book an appointment.  I also offer FREE muscular health checks at my clinic which lasts approximately 15 minutes and this is where I palpate your dog using the 4Ts as explained above.  This enables me to spot any issues before they become a problem.


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