Best Resorts In Costa Rica

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Top 10 reasons to choose our resorts in Costa Rica

At Brokers Costa Rica, we offer luxury resorts on a rental basis. We have a listing of the best resorts in Costa Rica, such as El Cubil 10, El Cubil 9, and Casa Toscana, at competitive rental prices. We are one of the top-rated beach resorts with affluent interiors, breathtaking views of the Costa Rican landscape, and sumptuous amenities. Here is a list of top reasons for why you should choose our Costa-Rica luxury resorts:

1. Go golfing

One of our top Costa Rica resorts, Guana Caste, has three out-of-this-world golf courses, and we offer the perfect sports getaway for groups of friends.

2. Explore the Costa Rican terrains

We arrange guided adventure treks with our in-house tourist guide, where you get you to go on an adventure quest in the Costa-Rican forests and the secluded nature spots.

3. Indulge in water adventures

We organize marine activities for our guests, such as snorkeling, surfing excursion, fishing, stand up paddleboarding, etc. We also organize a romantic sunset cruise for couples and kid-friendly water activities like fishing and photo shooting excursions for families.

4. Try a hand at fishing

We plan a whole day of water activities for our guests by taking them out into the Pacific Ocean and by engaging them in activities like sport fishing, snorkeling, nature viewing, etc. We take our guests for a spin on one of our charter fleets along with a team of bilingual crew members and professional fishermen.

5. Have a shot at our tennis court

We have one of the most professional tennis courts at our luxury hotels in Costa Rica, where you can try a hand at tennis. Indulge in some competitive playing with your loved ones and family members at our tennis court.

6. Personalized travel itinerary

Based on your preferences and the interests of your family members, we custom plan your itinerary. We plan your day with a combination of adventure activities, water sports, romantic dinners, family brunches, etc.,

7. Tranquilizing swimming pool

As one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica, all our resorts have the most stunning luxurious swimming pools. It provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in the most relaxing sunbaths. 

8. Mouth-watering food spread 

No holiday is complete without great food. Whether you are excited to try the local delicacies or you just want to pamper yourself in good old continental dishes, our skilled team of chefs will not fail to impress your taste buds.  

9. Breathtaking view

All our resorts offer the most spectacular views and offer a seamless indoor-outdoor living vibe to give you the best vacationing experience.

10. Unsurpassable hospitality

Each of our resorts come with a whole team of concierge employees that offer the highest level of hospitality and ensure that you feel pampered and well taken care of during your stay at our resorts.

Get in touch with one of us at Brokers Costa Rica to book a stay at one of our best resorts in Costa Rica. Our team of house staff and resort managers look into every detail of your stay at our resorts and ensure the highest level of comfort for all our guests.

Best Resorts In Costa Rica