Atlanta dog day care

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Atlanta dog day care

Not every Atlanta dog day care has the space and resources to ensure your dog is happy throughout their entire visit. Dogma Dog Care offers numerous services and ample space for your dog to run, play, relax, and socialize while spending time at our facility. We’re not just another doggy day care- we are recognized throughout the community for our commitment to your pet.

Affordably-Priced Dog Care

Our everyday dog day care prices are very affordable when compared with other facilities around Atlanta- and our signature Wednesday and Saturday discount rates make it even more cost-effective to choose us for your dog’s Atlanta dog day care. We offer exclusive full and half-day rates, with additional dog discounts, multi-day packages, and low-cost pick-up and drop-off service to ensure your dog has access to our facility, even when you’re unable to provide transportation.

Customized Dog Care

When routine activity is not enough for your high-spirited dog, we can provide a full 30-minute power walk at the cost of just $10. If your dog needs additional practice on the leash or simply loves the extra attention that comes from one-on-one time with a pet walker, you’ll find our Power Walk service is a great value.

While visiting our facility, your dog can enjoy a bath, a mini grooming or full grooming at the hands of our caring dog specialists. As with all of our on-site services, you can save with our Wednesday and Saturday discount prices when you arrange your schedule to coincide with our twice-weekly special rates.

K9 Training

Dogma’s Atlanta dog day care trainers can improve your relationship with your dog by providing obedience and behavioral training at very affordable rates. Our experts understand that no two dogs are alike, which is why we offer training that is tailored to your needs and your dog’s needs. Speak with our specialists regarding off-leash and owner training for your dog that will improve communication and help your dog become a well-behaved member of your family.

Pet Sitting Services

We are proud to offer Atlanta residents in-home dog sitting that is customized to your pet-care needs. Our certified, bonded, and insured dog sitters can provide a wide range of services in your home, including dog walking, feeding, watering, interaction, snuggling, med administering, and assistance with light household duties while you’re away for the day.

You’ll arrive home to find your dog happy to see you and fully cared for- we’ll even leave you a report card about the time we spent with your dog, with pictures via email or text.

Dogma Dog Care is passionate about providing quality care to your dog. Feel free to browse our website to see a full list of services we offer or reach out to us by phone if you have questions about our Atlanta dog day care. We would love to provide your dog a safe, comfortable home away from home while you’re at work, out of town, or simply as a place to enjoy socializing.

Atlanta dog day care

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